Starting Your Family History

This instruction page is designed to get you started in the fascinating world of genealogy. It will allow you to trace your family history back and offer a record for future generations to view. I have intentionally made this page very simple because there are other resources that give you the "nuts and bolts" of researching.

My first recommendation is to get software that will allow you to record your findings.
I use the software located at the Church of Latter Day Saints web site.  The software allows you to create a family history, add records and notes and attach pictures of your relatives as well.  The main reason I use this software is because it is FREE!!  It is located here.  There are other sites that offer software that may be purchased.

After downloading and installing your software you are ready to start inputting records. I leave it up to you to learn the software.  After you add your records you can create web pages with it and then contact me to upload it to our site.

You may want to browse our main page in order to locate sources that will help you find relatives and how to get started. This includes databases and other resources.

It is that simple.

If you already have a web site dedicated to your family history, you can simply add the web page to our database by emailing me the web page address and I will add it to the page.

Good luck.

Mark Towne