11 Different Resorts


This membership allows the owner to choose from 11 affiliated resorts. Although designed for R.V. owners Leisure Time Resorts knows that many Leisure Time members do not own a R.V. or may not always wish to bring their R.V. with them when visiting the resort, so we offer you the valuable option of renting one of Leisure Times deluxe rental accomodations. Members may currently use one Leisure Times resorts site from one to fifteen days at any time. After leaving the resort for an interval of at least seven days, you may return to it for another 15 day visit. The goal of Leisure Time Resorts is to offer you total family recreation, including natural amenities and a host of planned activities. The Member Services department can answer any questions you have regarding your new membership.

Leisure Times Resorts of America, Inc.
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Bellevue, WA 98005
Corporate office 800-821-8234
Member Services 800-453-3233

Contact Rosemary at 360-273-7151.

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